Analyzing your swing to enhance your performance on the golf course

We take our knowledge of human movement and apply it to the biomechanics of a golf swing. A complete functional analysis and golf-specific training is ideal for golfers of any skill level who want to improve their performance, play without pain, and reduce their risk of injury.

Most of us can only dream of hitting the ball as far as Tiger Woods or possessing Phil Mickelson’s iron play. But don’t let reality stop you from achieving your athletic potential on the golf course.

Nike Golf 360° Functional Performance System (FPS), Powered by Gray Institute, is an advanced program designed to assess the function of the human body and implement golf-specific training to improve a person’s functional limitations. All of our physical therapists are Certified NG360° Performance Specialists, equipped with the knowledge to enhance the athleticism and performance of golfers at any skill level.

Let’s be honest, we aren’t (and won’t ever be) golf experts. But NG360° FPS provides us with the tools to analyze the biomechanics of your swing from a three-dimensional perspective and to provide training that will increase your range of motion, optimize your swing, and help you achieve your peak performance.

Finish Line PT is committed to developing the complete athlete in you and helping you better yourself to better your game. Sometimes even the smallest adjustments can make the biggest difference in helping you swing the club more efficiently and effectively. Who doesn’t love that?

    Who is this program designed for?

  • Golfers of any skill level who want to improve and enhance their performance, play without pain, and reduce their risk of injury.
  • Golf pros who want to help clients achieve peak performance.
    You’re the pro – we get that. Our goal is to complement the technical advice you’re providing your clients with our own expertise as movement specialists. We seek to break down a person’s natural movements and assess limitations to help enhance performance and prevent injury.
    What does the program entail?

  • Biomechanical evaluation of the movements that enable you to swing a club
  • Golf-specific training program based on the analysis of your limitations