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August 8th, 2018

3 Reasons Cryotherapy is Better Than an Ice Bath

We subject ourselves to the frigid waters of an ice ice bath for the benefits of decreasing soreness, reducing inflammation, and recovering faster. But there is an alternative!

3 Reasons Cryotherapy is Better Than an Ice Bath

1. Cryotherapy takes only 3 minutes vs an ice bath which can take anywhere from 15-20′.


2. Cryotherapy gets down to -184-degrees Fahrenheit, while an ice bath doesn’t make it below 50-degrees unless you were to sit in it for close to 30 minutes!


3. Cryotherapy uses dry cold to reduce the skin’s temperature while an ice bath uses wet cold which can cause muscle tissue to congeal making them pretty immobile.


** Additionally, due to the wet cold recovery time is needed after an ice bath to allow muscles to return to normal functionality. Ice baths must always be scheduled at the end of a workout or participation in sport whereas cryotherapy can be used before or after as a means to promote performance pre-workout and aide in recovery post workout.


Learn more on cryotherapy and see our rates HERE!

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