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by Raechel Bugner, PT, DPT, FAFS

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October 3rd, 2018

Common Running Injuries | Hamstring Pain

As runners, we are no strangers to injury. Googling is often our go-to when we feel some discomfort pop up, but can oftentimes lead us down a rabbit hole, or provide less than accurate information. 

Doctor of Physical Therapy Raechel Bugner shares some of the common running injuries we see here at Finish Line PT, how you can diagnose them, and some recovery/rehab suggestions.


Hamstring Pain

What is it?

  • Pain anywhere in the back of the thigh (glutes down to knee)


Possible Causes:

  • Tightness in front of the hip
    • This hip tightness pulls the pelvis forward causing the hamstring (becuase of where they attach) to become over lengthened. When you start to stride out when running, the hamstring lengthens even further causing increased discomfort.


Rehab & Prevention Tips:


Red Flags:

If you feel sudden onset pain that feels fairly intense or if you notice the pain is causing a change in your gait. Get it checked out!

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