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by Emmi Aguillard, DPT, FAFS

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August 15th, 2018

Common Running Injuries | Plantar Fasciitis

As runners, we are no strangers to injury. Googling is often our go-to when we feel some discomfort pop up, but can oftentimes lead us down a rabbit hole, or provide less than accurate information. 

Doctor of Physical Therapy Emmi Aguillard shares some of the common running injuries we see here at Finish Line PT, how you can diagnose them, and some recovery/rehab suggestions.



Two of the most common overuse related injuries that I see in runners in the lower part of the body are plantar fasciitis and achilles tendinitis, which actually have a lot in common, and can stem from overworking of the calf and foot due to decreased hip extension or even lack of core stability. Both of these areas can be tricky because of the lack of blood flow to these tendinous structures, so healing time can take what feels like forever. Modalities and exercises targeting increasing blood flow to the inflamed tissue are an essential part of rehab.




This injury can stem from both a flat foot or an arch that is too high;

  • with a flatter arch, the tissue is being overstressed and overworked;
  • with a higher arch, the rigidness of the arch prevents the proper pronation (arch collapse) and load during gait, so forces are not being distributed evenly across the arch.


Rehab Tips:  

  • Trigger point work or lacrosse ball to bottom of foot and calves,
  • Wear proper running footwear to help offload the plantar fascia and control the inflammation (be sure it is the proper type of support for your foot type, as a “stability shoe” may cause increased supination (outward movement of the foot)  in a rigid foot.)
  • Day to day walking, etc, make sure you’re in something comfortable: no crocs or flat sandals!


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