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by Emmi Aguillard, PT, DPT, FAFS

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August 22nd, 2018

Common Running Injuries | Stress Fractures

As runners, we are no strangers to injury. Googling is often our go-to when we feel some discomfort pop up, but can oftentimes lead us down a rabbit hole, or provide less than accurate information. 

Doctor of Physical Therapy Emmi Aguillard shares some of the common running injuries we see here at Finish Line PT, how you can diagnose them, and some recovery/rehab suggestions.

This week’s COMMON RUNNING INJURY is a doozy:


This is a RED FLAG for runners — an injury that you absolutely do not want to run through, as it may results in a broken bone, crutches and recovery time of 4-6 months. Stress fractures are a spectrum, and the sooner they are caught, the faster they heal.


A stress reaction is inflammation within the bone – think “bony swelling.” If a bone is swollen, the structural integrity is compromised so the risk for fracture increases dramatically.


A stress fracture is when the bone actually develops a crack, but is much less severe than a full-on bone fracture. Here are some warning signs to look out for:


  • Pelvic
    • Pain when shifting onto affected leg (increased weight bearing)
      • you may notice a limp when you are walking/running
    • Vague inner thigh pain or tightness
    • Painful to put on pants
    • General weakness in affected leg
    • CAN OFTEN BE MISDIAGNOSED – see a practitioner if you suspect a stress reaction/fracture


  • Tibial
    • Pain with hopping (landing), VERY tender in one spot
      • may notice a significant increase in pain as you press along the shin bone


  • Foot
    • Pain with weight bearing
    • May cause you to walk with a limp
    • Sharp pain along bony area of the foot (which increases with touch/pressure)


If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, check in with your PT or Orthopedist ASAP!

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