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Hydration Post 3/4 by Samantha Jacobsen, PT, DPT

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August 6th, 2020

Environmental Dehydration

In order to fully understand and be convinced why hydration is so important, we need to first understand the environment that we live in and all of its potential consequences it may have on our bodies.  We will refer to these factors as contributors to “environmental dehydration”.


Many of our living patterns have created habits that lead to a chronic “dried out” state, regardless of how much water we are actually consuming. Some of these may be inevitable, which brings more light to the importance of being able to multi-dimensionally self- hydrate in all ways we can. 


One of the main environmental variables would be heat. We all know that heat dehydrates. However, we’re not just talking about really hot days in the sun. All of the devices that we can’t seem to escape are releasing heat. Air conditioning units can also lead to dehydrating effects due to their ability to pull humidity out of the room. We are turning our apartments into little dehydrating capsules without even realizing it. Other capsules similar to this are cars, planes, and trains. Airplanes are a huge culprit because of the extremely low percentage of humidity. Think of the times you have traveled by plane. You leave the vessel feeling stiff, deflated and dried out. Or maybe that quick weekend trip was the trigger for a musculoskeletal injury “flare up” that now, you can’t seem to kick.


How can we combat environmental dehydration? 

  • All of your devices and lights emit heat- Try switching your lights off and working in as much natural daylight as possible. Switching your devices to blue light mode will also be cooler. Less heat emitted= less dehydrating effects. 
  • On days when you’re stuck in your apartment all day, prioritize small trips outside for some sunlight. Take a break from your dehumidified and dehydrating apartments!
  • If your AC is on 24-7, make sure you balance it out by trying to maintain some moisture in your apartment. Some ways to help with this are by diffusers and PLANTS! 
  • Take breaks from your desk to get up and MOVE (see last post about how lack of movement affects hydration of your tissues) 
  • When traveling by any means (car, plane, train), attempt to get as much fresh air as possible, always have a drink with you (and leading up to it), and get small movements in when you can to keep your tissues moving!


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