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by Ivette Mejia, Elite Distance Runner, FLPT Ambassador [photo by John Tran]

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January 3rd, 2019

How Do You Fit It All In?

Elite Distance Runner, Dashing Whippet, and FLPT Ambassador Ivette Mejia reveals how she juggles working full time, being a single mother and training at an elite level.


How do you fit it all in? It’s a question that I am frequently asked. I wish I can say that I’m some sort of super hero but the truth is that I am NOT. I am simply Ivette. No magic tricks up my sleeve and no super power. Though my love for running could be considered my super power as I find any way to make it work for my busy schedule.


I ran a 3-minute personal best in the half marathon this season, from a 1:17:47 to a 1:14:55, but how exactly did that happen? I wish I can say that running is my job and well that’s all that needs to be done. I wish it were that easy. I am a mother of a beautiful five-year-old and I am also employed full time. That leaves me with a very limited number of hours to dedicate to my running career… AND that is ok! I know I can get it done because the most important objective to have in mind is becoming the most fit I possibly can be, while also getting the adequate recovery that I need. I decided that the only way to keep me committed to my recovery was to add Finish Line Physical Therapy as part of my training regiment. I can easily access them during my lunch breaks, before work or after work if need be.


Though the best recovery tool is proper sleep, additional recovery tools in your schedule are crucial to maintaining a busy and athletic lifestyle. 


For many years I have lacked designated recovery sessions in my schedule and I was only focused on the miles. I wasn’t running anywhere close to the times I believed I was capable of. But now that I am adding recovery sessions into my schedule (cryotherapy, compression sleeves, the AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill and physical therapy Prehab) I am seeing even bigger jumps in my performance. I have found that I am more focused on my runs as opposed to questioning myself about my recovery and my body’s readiness. All that saved energy is put into executing the workout. With proper recovery between workouts, I am now more confident that my body is absorbing all the work from training. 


I would suggest that once you have your life schedule down (family & friends, work), slowly begin to add prehab sessions, running workouts, and recovery sessions all into harmonious schedule. It’s important to make prehab just as much of a priority as your sport. It keeps you strong not only physically but mentally. When injuries do show up you will have the tools to know exactly what steps to take for recovery. Rest and proper recovery will no longer be foreign to you. You will not hesitate to take the necessary time off to recover and continue to focus on other areas in your schedule, and you will see results in your runs and races. 



Sample of Ivette’s Weekly Schedule:



Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Run Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast
Breakfast Drop Off Dexter Drop off Dexter Drop off Dexter Drop Off Dexter easy run/OFF Day bi weekly Long Run
Drop off Dexter Speed Workout Run Aqua jog Speed Workout Meditate/ Nap Recovery shake
Swim or Alter G @ Finish Line PT Work (lunch time roll and stretch) Work (lunch time @ Finish Line PT Cryo/PT session with Carly) Work (lunch roll/stretch) Ice bath Dexter time Nap
Work (lunch time @ Finish Line PT Cryo/Normatec) Dinner Dinner Run home Work (lunch time @ Finish Line PT Cryo/Normatec) Bedtime Church
Dinner Homework with my son Homework with my son Homework with my son Dinner Lunch
Homework with my son Story time with my son Story time with my son Story time with my son Homework with my son Dexter time
Story time Epsom Salt bath Epsom Salt bath Ice Bath Story time Bedtime
Strength session Bedtime Strength session Bedtime Epsom Salt bath
Bedtime Bedtime Bedtime




Ivette Mejia



photo credit | John Tran

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