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September 25th, 2019

How Does FLPT’s Infrared Sauna Help You Recover?

I N F R A R E D    S A U N A 


What is it?

The infrared sauna reaches temperatures between 115 to 145-degrees Fahrenheit to heat the body at its core. This allows muscles to enter a state of relaxation, the much sought after *parasympathetic state many of us New Yorkers struggle to achieve. Heat + a state of relaxation results in increased blood flow that removes metabolic waste from the body while delivering oxygen-rich blood to depleted muscles for faster recovery.


*Sympathetic  = fight-or-flight state (inability for the body to put energy into healing)

*Parasympathetic  = rest & digest state (where true recovery can occur)


How does it work and what are the benefits?


  1. HEAT → high temperatures directly warm the body leading putting you in a parasympathetic state, allowing your body to fully relax and promote cell repair and tissue healing. Because the infrared sauna does not need to get as hot as a regular sauna (infrared heat is naturally absorbed by the body and raises your internal temperature) the experience is more comfortable and relaxing.


  1. RESONANT FREQUENCY →  infrared rays carry into the body causing a vibration in the cells that allows cellular toxins to be released from the cells so they can be eliminated through blood flow and sweating


  1. INCREASED CIRCULATION → heating the body evenly results in vasodilation or increased blood flow that:
    1. Allows for the removal of toxins from the blood/purification 
    2. Clears out lactic acid
    3. Alleviates muscle tension 
    4. Elevates one’s ability to detoxify
    5. Increases lymphatic circulation 
    6. Reduce swelling around injuries
    7. Improves sleep and reduces stress



R E C O V E R Y     M E M B E R S H I P


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