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by Samantha Jacobsen, PT, DPT

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August 13th, 2020

Hydration Series Take-Aways

What can you do to stay hydrated during the summer heat?


These are the 3 easiest tips to achieve and maintain optimal hydration:


1.  Drink with the goal of optimal/maximum absorption in mind:

  • Drink 8-16 oz of water + sea salt and lemon upon waking up. Think of this as a “pre-day” gut soak
  • Drink 6-8oz of water before every meal 


2.  Eat your water 

  • Foods with high water content can be more effective in hydration due to the “gel water”.
    • Examples are green/plant-rich smoothies, chia seeds, cucumbers, lemons, coconut water, pomegranate juice, and many, many more! 


3.  MOVE!

  • Any variation of movement can help deliver more water to your tissues, allowing everything to slide and glide better.



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For more information on how to achieve optimal hydration, check out “QUENCH” by Dana Cohen, MD 

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