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by Raechel Bugner, PT, DPT, FAFS | photo by Da Ping Luo

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October 30th, 2018

NYC Marathon Race Village-Friendly Mobility Routine!

By this point in your marathon journey you’ve likely put in countless hours of training, worn through several pairs of shoes, lost a couple of toenails, and have basically given up on any sort of social life. The only things standing between you and the starting line are a few nights of restless sleep, an exciting trip to the expo, and a ridiculously long (anxiety filled) morning spent on Staten Island as you wait for “New York, New York” to blare at the base of the Verrazano. Rather than spend your morning pacing in line for the porta potties, put your nervous energy to use and follow these Fort-Wadsworth-friendly mobility tips to effectively warm up for the most memorable race of your life.


  • Open up your hips with a 3D Common Lunge Matrix Stretch: to ensure that you have ample mobility to prevent injury and are able to effectively load your glutes, find yourself a little bit of space and go through 2-3 series of a Finish Line favorite on each leg.


  • Trigger point: Your foam roller may not be able to make the journey to Staten Island, but a $5 lacrosse ball can. Make sure you pack a ball and maybe an old race heat sheet to sit on as you trigger point your feet, calves, hip flexors, and TFLs.


  • Get your legs moving with some 3D running drills: you’ll want to make sure you can find a flat strip of pavement free of other runners (this is the tricky part). Pay attention to landing softly and moving your feet quickly as you complete high knees, butt kicks, and skips forward, backward, and sideways.
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