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By Alison McGinnis, PT, DPT, FAFS

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August 25th, 2020

Our Favorite Pre-Run Warm-Ups!

We’re often asked by clients what they should do as a warm-up before a run or other activity. While this can vary greatly from person to person, it usually includes some foam rolling to problem areas, a couple targeted dynamic stretches and finishes off with one of the above full body mobilizations that target the whole body in all three planes of motion.

We love these two warm-ups because they get your whole body moving and stabilizing through a variety of motions so you’ll be ready for whatever activity you’re about to do.

Give one of them a try before your next run or workout and see how you feel!

3D Maps Matrix

[click above for video]

Sagittal Plane – Lunge forward onto the right foot and reach arms overhead, shifting hips forward. Then step back onto the right foot and reach arms down behind you, shifting hips backward. Pivot forward and back x5. Repeat lunging with the left foot x5

Frontal Plane – Lunge out to the right side with the right foot and reach arms overhead to the left side. Then step the right foot in front of the left leg and put the right foot on the ground while arms reach overhead to the right side. Focus on shifting hips side to side without rotating the pelvis at all. Pivot side to side x5. Repeat lunging with the left foot x5

Transverse Plane – Lunge right leg out and back to the right side, turning the foot out, while arms rotate to the right at shoulder height. Then lunge the right leg forward and turn the foot in while the arms rotate to the left at shoulder height. Pivot rotating back and forth x5. Repeat lunging with the left foot x5

**Try to keep your non-moving foot flat on the ground if you can, and keep that knee straight as you pivot over the leg.

Lunge Matrix Stretch

[click above for video]

Perform all of the reaches while maintaining each lunge position. Keep both arms together.

Lunges: Forward lunge, lateral lunge (toes pointing straight forward), rotational lunge (toes pointing out to that side). Perform each lunge on each side.

Arm Reaches: Forward and down → Overhead and backward → Overhead and bend to the right → Overhead and bend to the left → Shoulder height rotate to the right → Shoulder height rotate to the left

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