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by Morgan Mowers, PT, DPT

Posted in Blog, Rehabilitation, Women's Health.

September 24th, 2020

Promote Scar Tissue Healing & Mobility

Scar mobilization post-cesarean section can be an effective way to improve tissue movement, promote scar (tissue) healing, decrease pain, and desensitize the area surrounding the incision. It can be performed both by a professional and by you in between pelvic floor physical therapy sessions.


This technique is simple and effective. Prior to doing any mobilization, be sure that you are cleared by your obstetrician. This is typically 6-8 weeks postpartum, but may be longer depending on your individual experience. And if you gave birth several years ago but still have discomfort near your scar, it’s never too late to start!

Start by placing your middle and index finger about 2-3 centimeters above your scar. You should place enough pressure to keep your skin still, but only enough for you to move the layer of tissue below your skin (see video). 

Make about ten small motions in each of the following directions:

  • Up and down
  • Side to side
  • Circular clockwise
  • Circular counterclockwise

Then, move a few centimeters to the side and repeat. Continue until you’ve mobilized all areas above, below, and to the sides of your scar. If a specific area is very sensitive, be extremely gentle in that spot. If you notice a spot with more adhesion (feels a bit stickier than others), you can spend more time on that location. If you are in true pain, stop and contact your obstetrician or physical therapist.


Spend 5-10 minutes per day working on scar mobilization. As you progress further, your physical therapist may increase the intensity or frequency of this technique.


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