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October 29th, 2019

Tips for The NYC Marathon

We asked our community members to write out tips for running the TCS NYC Marathon based on their experiences, and this is what we got!



“Fuel early. Fuel Often.” – Coach Jess

“Drink beer on 1st ave NYC (it’s not a joke, I did it in 2017 & it was great!)

“Don’t drink too much coffee! It’s free and chilly out but *show some restraint* (don’t hold it either)”

“Nothing new the day of – no new clothing/food/sports drinks, etc.”



“Respect the Distance, Enjoy the Journey.

“Look out for the FL Cheer Station on 5th Ave” – we cannot stress this one enough, runners left 🙂

“Take it all in, smile, and DON’T GO OUT TOO FAST!!!”

“R E L A X”

“High five the kids!”

“High five all the kids & spectators! It’ll give you so much energy and It’s fun :)”

“Look around @ the crowds. Smile – it makes it ALL better”

“Remember to enjoy your journey and smile, you put in the work and should be proud of yourself!”

“Don’t wear headphones or you’ll muss the crowd carrying you to the finish line!”



“Make your first 5k the slowest of the race!”

“Run at a comfortable pace until the end of Queensboro bridge. The real race starts on 1st Av.”

“Don’t burn yourself out starting too fast. Race really starts at mile 16.”

“Your first half of the marathon should not be a PR for your half-marathon time”

“Save yourself for 5th Ave and the Park!”

“Have fun! And don’t forget about the 5th Ave Mile at 22/23. Good luck!”

“Don’t go out too fast! (you’ll be so happy at the end :)”

“Keep it slow + steady until Manhattan!”

“iPhones ONLY: use the FindMyFriends app to have friends track you, if running with your phone. Tends to be more accurate than the marathon app.”

“Start conservative, you want to get into Manhattan feeling like you’re going to race a 10-miler.”

“Have a plan A and a plan B (goal-wise).”


Looking for more tips?


Finish Line PT Course Strategy Session for the NYC Marathon



G O O D    L U C K     M A R A T H O N E R S!


FLPT NYC Marathon Cheer Station 105th and 5th Ave!

runners LEFT

(just before Mile 23!)

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