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Measure What Matters: Why Training Based on Effort Will Boost Your Performance

November 7, 2019 @ 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

For many years, endurance athletes have been using physiological data to measure “what” they are doing while exercising.  But what if there were new and advanced ways to measure physiological signals that tell athletes “how” they are exercising? 


Join Fourth Frontier CEO Sandeep Sibal at Finish Line Physical Therapy to learn why measuring your breathing rate and cardiac strain is important and how using these metrics can make you faster, healthier, and stronger. This seminar will analyze real data from marathon participants and give attendees a better understanding of how they can measure what matters. There will be a 45-minute talk followed by Q&A. 



Talk & Q&A with Co-founder Sandeep Sibal



t h e  s c i en c e

As runners know, pacing can be difficult. Depending on the conditions, how runners feel while running can vary. This is because your brain perceives the effort your body is exerting and not your actual pace. Numerous studies have shown that breathing rate (fR) is linearly related to perceived effort (RPE) and is a great way to objectively and accurately measure internal effort. This is because both fR and RPE are determined by the same central command signals sent out by the brain to the muscles when you engage in hard exercise. By looking at the average breathing rate during your workout session (a more responsive and therefore, more accurate measure than heart rate), you can tell how intense the session was. You can even look at what parts of the session you spent in different breathing zones; this is particularly useful if your session had multiple pace changes, especially in interval training.


Frontier X is the world’s first chest-worn device that accurately detects novel physiological signals like breathing rate and cardiac strain – that have so far only been available in sports medicine labs. It provides instantaneous tactile feedback to help athletes tune into their own bodies, train and race at optimum effort levels, tailor weekly training loads to maximize returns, while also continuously monitoring heart health.




F O U R T H   F R O N T I E R

F R O N T I E R  X



November 7, 2019
6:30 pm - 8:30 pm