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October 19th, 2015

Frequently Asked Questions

Interested in Finish Line Physical Therapy’s Functional Strength Series? Have some questions? Here are a few things you might have been wondering about…

Can I cancel a class I’ve already registered for?
Unfortunately, no. We cannot issue refunds for classes once they are purchased. However, if you’re unable to attend, you can have a friend take your place (we’ll let you & the friend sort out the $$). Just have your friend let the FLPT staff know at check-in who he or she is coming in place of.

Can I switch the day/time of the class I attend? For example, I’m signed up for the Monday @ 6 p.m. session, but there’s one week I’d like to come at 7 p.m. instead. Can I do that?
Switching classes is not guaranteed and will be solely based on availability. Our preference is that you sign up for the day/time that you’re most able to attend throughout the session. However, if we’re able to accommodate switches, we will!

Do you allow walk-ins?
Our preference is that participants register for the class in advance; after all, consistency and accountability are important components of this program! However, if there is space available, we will allow on-site registration. With that said, best not to take a chance and waste a trip to Chelsea, only to find it’s sold out! Our classes are capped at 15 people to ensure PTs can provide adequate attention to each participant.

When you say this class is “backed by science,” what does that mean?
These classes will solely be taught by the Finish Line physical therapists, all of whom went through intensive training to become certified Fellows of Applied Functional Science. AFS links the scientific truths of how we move, think and act with practical strategies to create better, more efficient environments, for the daily, sport-specific activities we engage in. The programming for these classes will have a purpose, and everything will be based on the Principle-Strategy-Technique Process: principles being the why of movement, strategies being the how of movement, and techniques being the what of movement.

To put it simply: there is a specific plan for each of the classes, and our PTs leading them really know their stuff.

If I don’t consider myself a runner, cyclist or endurance athlete – or I want to work towards becoming one of these athletic types – are these classes appropriate for me?
They are perfect for you. Seriously – you probably won’t find a better class out there that will give you the foundation for both becoming an endurance athlete and building a more solid foundation to become a better endurance athlete.

What do I wear to the class? Am I going to sweat?
You bet. But if you’re expecting the equivalent of the HIIT boot camp-type classes where someone is yelling in your face the whole time and everything is moving faster than you can keep up … well, it won’t be that. It WILL be an amazing workout that will help you Get Stronger. Wear comfortable clothes and athletic shoes appropriate for moving around and breaking a sweat.

Do you have a shower in case I have big plans after the class?
Yes! One shower, towels, shampoo, the works. By all means, feel free to get ready for a night out on the town at our clinic after the class.

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