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March 10th, 2014

AlterG Groupon FAQ

Thank you for your interest in the Groupon deal to run on our AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmills. Here are answers to a few commonly asked questions about Finish Line PT, the AlterG and the deal. Still have unanswered questions? No problem! Email sara {at} finishlinept {dot} com.

What is the AlterG?
The AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill is a revolutionary way to seamlessly return to pain-free movement and full functional mobility during recovery while still retaining fitness. Using advanced NASA technology, the AlterG provides up to 80% body weight support to reduce the impact and stress on your body (it kind of feels like you’re running on clouds – seriously!).

Run without discomfort or pain, train through injuries and burn more calories by going farther and faster than you normally can.

Finish Line Physical Therapy is one of the only facilities in New York City to have two AlterG treadmills, giving you even more opportunities to experience the benefits of gravity-free running.

I feel like I’ve heard about professional athletes who use this machine. Is that true?
Yes! The world’s best athletes and sports teams consider the AlterG an essential part of their conditioning and rehabilitation plans. Kobe Bryant, Derrick Rose, Paula Radcliffe, Dathan Ritzenhein – they’ve all put in time on the AlterG in order to maximize fitness retention as they recover.

Once I purchase this deal, how do I schedule my sessions?
Simply call the Finish Line PT office at (212) 486-8573 to schedule your sessions (an appointment is required). At this time, we unfortunately do not have online scheduling for the AlterG. ** Please note: Users who are unable to walk and/or get in and out of the treadmill without assistance are required to have a doctor’s referral clearing them for usage.

When can I run on the AlterG?
You can schedule sessions during our normal business hours: Monday-Thursday from 7 a.m. until 8 p.m. or Friday from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Additionally, we have AlterG availability on Saturdays from 8 a.m. until noon. We are conveniently located at 119 W. 23rd Street (close to 6th Avenue).

What if I want to run for more than 30 minutes?
No problem. You can schedule to run for as long as you need, although note that each “session” is the equivalent of 30 minutes. So for example, a 45-minute run will count as 2 of your 5 or 10 sessions, depending on which deal you purchased.

The fine print (TFP) says this deal expires 120 days after purchase. Do I have to use all of the sessions within that timeframe?
No. You simply need to use your FIRST session within that timeframe in order to redeem the deal. From there, you can schedule sessions at your convenience.

TFP also says I need a consultation. Really?
Not necessarily. We don’t require a consultation in order to use the AlterG, although it’s recommended if you’re new to running or in the process of coming back from an injury. If you’re an experienced runner who’s simply looking for a way to reduce the impact on your body, then you are fine without it.

**Something to consider: Finish Line PT provides a 45-minute gait and movement analysis to the running community for only $25. This “mini-evaluation” is a great way to understand your natural movement patterns to see where you might have limitations – the first step in preventing injuries and achieving your peak performance. Interested? Feel free to ask about this when you call to schedule your first AlterG session.

What is your standard cancellation policy?
Please call the office at (212) 486-8573 within 12 hours if you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment.

If I don’t redeem this deal before it expires, what happens?
We will still honor the amount you initially paid for any service that Finish Line offers. For instance, if you paid $49 for a 5-session pass, we will credit you for $49 in services – whether that’s for the AlterG, physical therapy appointments or merchandise. Unfortunately, the AlterG discount will not apply after the expiration date.

If I’m currently experiencing pain, are there other ways you can help me?
YES! Yes. Finish Line Physical Therapy is a private outpatient clinic that utilizes a personal, functional approach to rehabilitation, injury prevention and performance enhancement. Rather than isolating individual joints or muscles, our treatment plans cover the body as a whole. With over 12,000 square feet of space and the most advanced treatment equipment available, Finish Line PT is able to help athletes of all levels recover from injury.

The free 30-minute Peak Performance Analysis gait/movement analysis is one of the best ways to understand our philosophy and experience how our approach is different than most conventional methods. Follow the link to read more about the PPA – and then give us a call to schedule both your AlterG and PPA sessions!

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