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Nutrition is a key component to being the complete athlete, both the types of food we consume and where our food comes from.

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August 13th, 2014

Eat Fresh, Quality Foods Through a Local CSA Program

Most runners know you have to put in the training to see results. What we oftentimes forget are the other pieces of the puzzle that make us the complete athlete.

When it comes to nutrition, if “we are what we eat” (as the saying goes) then it matters not only the types of food we consume, but also where our food comes from. Fresh makes a difference.

Enter into the picture the idea of CSA: Community Supported Agriculture. It is a way of linking farmers directly with the people who want to eat freshly harvested food they grow.

Eat Food Distributor’s year-round CSA program has partnered with small, specialized Vermont and New York farmers, bringing their fresh products directly to New Yorkers within 24-48 hours of harvesting. These products not only include the best variety of veggies and fruits, but also delicious, responsibly-raised meats, poultry, game, pork and dairy.

When was the last time you picked up produce AND quail, goat cheese, flank steaks, sweet Italian sausage, kefir, honey and granola–just to name a few–from your local market? Eat Food provides this and plenty more WEEKLY! It’s delicious. It’s good for you, AND it’s good for the environment and supports local food suppliers.

Here’s How It Works:
Members pay a monthly or bi-monthly fee of $75 for three, six or twelve-month shares. Weekly shares are also available. And you always have the option of adding on more products. In return, CSA members stay connected to the land and are introduced to new foods for their whole family to enjoy. Ordering is easy. There are lots of options and it’s great to share.

Taste the difference. Eat Food.

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