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FLPT triathlete Garen Riedel is blogging in the lead-up to IM Lake Placid on July 28. Blog #6 of 6: Final Thoughts.

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July 27th, 2013

Final Thoughts: It Takes an Army!

Countdown to IM Lake Placid: Blog #6 of 6
Track me live tomorrow at! I am bib 134.

Long distance triathlon may be an individual sport, but it takes an army to get just one person to the start line. I have very ambitious goals for this season (which I have posted on my fridge but which I’d like to refrain from stating publicly in fear of a jinx), and the following people and organizations have helped put me in a place where I have the opportunity to make these goals a reality. I would like to thank the following people and organizations that have made this season incredibly special for me thus far:

Finish Line Physical Therapy and Michael Conlon:
For all the support and for patching me up and making me functional after 7 months of hard training. To make breakthroughs in endurance racing you have to constantly flirt with the brink of injury. Mike and the team at Finish Line ensured that I came as close to this line as possible without crossing over (luck was not the reason why I have not been injured in the last 7 months). Physical therapy for injury prevention will make you a better athlete. Go talk to the folks at Finish Line to let them show you how.

Tailwind Endurance and Earl Walton:
For killer indoor bike workouts that are just not possible outside without endangering myself, others, and/or wildlife. These workouts have been the cornerstone of my increased bike fitness. And for detailed training plans that pushed me beyond the limits of what I thought was possible. And finally for refining my ogre-like swim stroke into something resembling proper freestyle (I mean, my 1500m swim at the NYC Tri broke the Olympic record by 2 mins!).

Bike Riders NYC and Mike Sherry:
For dialing in my optimal bike position. Aerodynamics is king in long distance non-drafting bike race. 90% of a bike effort is used to overcome wind resistance, so position is paramount. Go see them about refining your fit. They are the best in the business and will make you faster.

Summerville Sports:
For taking my design concept and turning into a killer, head-turning triathlon kit. Seriously, 97% of triathlon is looking sexy in spandex.

For their race support and for providing me with the best casual tri gear around to ensure I look good when I’m not clad in spandex. Check out their stuff!

Pacific Swim Bike Run (in Stamford, CT):
For the friendly service and stealthy and sexy bike.

The Blazeman Foundation:
For their unrelenting pursuit of finding a cure for ALS, a disease which dramatically shaped me as a person.

Friends and family:
For putting up with my post workout low-blood sugar grumpiness from time to time, and for putting up with me eating you all out of house and home most of the time. My stomach appreciated it.

Thanks again to all and I’ll be sure to post here after the race with some thoughts and analysis, after I break my 6-week cookie fast of course!

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