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March 5th, 2015

Free Qigong Workshop from Shaolin Kung Fu Training Center

WHAT: Free Qigong Workshop from our friends at the Shaolin Kung Fu Training Center

Why should every athlete try Qigong (and incorporate it into your regular training)? Read below!

WHEN: Tuesday, March 24, from 7:00-8:00 p.m.

WHERE: Finish Line Physical Therapy (119 W. 23rd St. #304; punch in 2711 to access the building)

RSVP — Registration is FREE!

Qigong is the perfect fit for any athlete who strives for excellence. It involves the synchronization of soft, fluid movements along with deep breathing. In this manner, a practitioner of Qigong learns to draw in large amounts of oxygen into the body. Short, speedy, shallow breaths are not healthy, and often not in synch with your movements. In Qigong, you will learn to be conscious of your breathing as well as how and when to breathe.

You will gradually build your strength and flexibility at your own pace because Qigong’s movements are not as demanding as kungfu. And because it focuses on soft, fluid movements, it is less impactful on joints. You will see an improvement in your performance of other activities because Qigong is an excellent supplement to any training. You will strengthen your core and become more stabilized, learn to be aware of your breathing and focus on how it can maximize your efforts.

Read more about Qigong at the Shaolin Kung Fu Training Center.

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