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March 12th, 2014

Introducing Fitness Runs!

We’re excited to introduce you to Nathaniel Oliver, a fellow FLPT patient and owner of Fitness Runs. Read on for more information about this very cool concept Nathaniel has designed for motivated New Yorkers just like you.

Hey there Finish Line fans! Let me quickly introduce myself: I’m Nathaniel Oliver – a fitness expert, personal trainer, avid marathon runner and triathlete. My goal with Fitness Runs was to create a workout that satisfies busy, health conscious and fitness minded New Yorkers who want a new and comprehensive approach to their fitness routine based on running. Whether you already take spin or boot camp classes – or are training for 5k races and marathons – adding FITNESS RUNS™ to your training regime will give you awesome results.

I am honored that Finish Line PT is giving Fitness Runs an opportunity to showcase our classes. We take pride in educating our runners, and as Michael Conlon (the owner of Finish Line PT) says, “incorporating prehabilitation – or ‘prehab’ – into your training regimen is one of the most effective ways to minimize limitations, which in turn allows you to train consistently at maximum effort.” If runners aren’t getting this prehab treatment they will be risking problems down the road. Every class we do is centered around a prehab approach.

Now before you say “oh no, here’s yet another run group in NYC!” I need to say that we are different and unique in a few ways. One big difference is that we will both make you a stronger and safer runner in addition to giving you an awesome workout: dynamic warm ups and drills followed by long running intervals that are broken-up by strength and cardio drills and yoga-inspired running stretches. Each drill we do is purposeful and is designed to work key areas of the body to improve running performance.

Let’s be honest here: 90% of runners are out there for one purpose: to stay in shape! So what I did was combine two of the most popular and scientifically proven ways to get in shape: running + strength training. What Fitness Runs focuses on is major muscle groups to burn fat, increase metabolism, strengthen muscles and keep you lean and mean like that “runners body” that everyone is after.

Curious to see what we’re all about? Check out our classes (we now have 6 locations in Manhattan with both 30 & 60-minute classes) and join us for a free trial. Hope to see you soon!

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