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September 13th, 2017

Introducing Whole Body Cryotherapy at Finish Line PT

Finish Line Physical Therapy now offers the world’s most technologically advanced whole body cryotherapy system from Impact Cryotherapy at its flagship in Chelsea. Atlanta-based Impact Cryotherapy is the U.S. leader in designing and manufacturing state of the art whole body cryotherapy equipment.

Whole body cryotherapy is a revolutionary treatment that uses extreme cold to promote natural healing, recovery and wellness in just three minutes.

Cryotherapy exposes the skin to extremely cold temperatures in a short period of time, stimulating the body to increase circulation and ensure its core organ temperatures remain stable. The result is a feeling of invigoration and euphoria—a welcome (and more effective) alternative to traditional ice baths.

Research has shown many benefits for endurance athletes, including decreased muscle soreness, pain, inflammation and fatigue, and faster recovery from injury.

“We are constantly seeking out the most advanced technology and tools to help our patients achive their performance goals,” said Michael Conlon, PT and owner of Finish Line PT. “Recovery is something we preach to athletes, and we view cryotherapy as an efficient and effective tool to help busy New Yorkers balance the stress of training for endurance events with active recovery.”

“We are proud to be a part of Finish Line PT’s fitness and recovery offerings and meet the expanding popularity of the Impact Cryotherapy brand in New York City,” said Richard Otto, Impact Cryotherapy’s CEO and Co-Founder. “Finish Line PT chose Impact as a key business partner, as they continue to differentiate themselves in the market and advance their approach of evaluating and treating the complete athlete.”

About Finish Line Physical Therapy
Finish Line PT is a dynamic athletic environment that utilizes a personal, functional approach in providing prehab, rehab and recovery services for an active population. The heart of Finish Line PT’s philosophy is to focus on function versus injury, with the goal of discovering the source of an injury as opposed to treating symptoms.

About Impact Cryotherapy
Impact Cryotherapy is the leading whole body cryotherapy company in the U.S. by featuring product innovation, safety features, advanced technology, operational efficiency and uncompromising service and support, combined with the growing popularity of whole body cryotherapy. Impact equipment is made in St. Louis, Mo. and used nationally and internationally by a wide range of professional and university sports teams, training and fitness facilities and wellness entrepreneurs.

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