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The legendary coach gives runners a few questions to consider.

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November 15th, 2012

Jack Daniels Shares Training Tips

While it was supposed to be a NYC Marathon Pep Talk, legendary coach Jack Daniels made the best of the Running Q&A on Saturday, Nov. 3, sharing valuable training advice to a crowd of more than 60 runners at Finish Line PT. In partnership with The Run SMART Project, we will have a full video of the presentation available at a later date.

For now, a few nuggets/questions to consider:

What is the purpose of this workout? The most important question a runner must ask before doing anything. Knowing why you’re doing a certain activity is the first step to obtaining the maximum benefit out of the least amount of work.

What is my next race, and when is it? In the case of those who trained for the NYC Marathon, you might be asking yourself what you should do next. Jack’s advice: train with a purpose. You can only figure out how much you should be running once you determine when your next marathon will be. Once you know that, go back to your training schedule and repeat the training for that period of time. For example, if you’re going to run the Philadelphia Marathon in two weeks, repeat the last two weeks of your training.

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