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Check out this deliciously refreshing salsa recipe from from NYC food blogger & FLPT patient Kelli Dunn.

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July 1st, 2014

July Recipe: Cucumber Pineapple Salsa

Each month we feature a new recipe from Kelli Dunn, a fellow Finish Line PT patient, triathlete and author of The Corner Kitchen Blog, which focuses on finding balance between clean eating and indulging your sweet tooth.

July Recipe of the Month: Cucumber Pineapple Salsa

If you’re a little unsure about fruit salsas, this cucumber-pineapple situation might just change your mind. It’s the perfect combination of sweet, savory and refreshing. Add on the fact that pineapple can be an excellent post-workout recovery food, and we’ve got a winner!

Head over to The Corner Kitchen to get the recipe, then tell us in the comments how perfect this salsa was for your 4th of July BBQ!

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