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April 10th, 2017

Movement Monday: Mobility

Mobility work needs to be done consistently to be effective — even when you’re feeling fine! When in doubt, focus on the “big three” rocks: hips, thoracic spine and foot/ankle.

FLPT’s Caroline Varriale shares three movements that can be used as a warm-up before working out or later in the day when your body feels stiff.

Movement Monday: Core Strengthening from Finish Line Physical Therapy on Vimeo.

A 3D Quad Stretch prepares the hips and pelvis to be in a full stride and engages the core.

Thoracic Spine T1 and T2 Reaches combine side bending and rotation to mobilize the mid-back for an efficient arm swing.

A 3D Calf Stretch dynamically warms up the lower leg and foot for optimal foot strike and push-off.

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