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March 27th, 2017

Movement Monday: Runner-Specific Strength Exercises

Strength training is equally as essential as getting your mileage in. It’s your ace in the hole, the perfect compliment to all those well executed speed workouts and a huge part of what makes you feel strong during your race.

FLPT’s Caroline Varriale shares her favorite runner-specific strength exercises. Prescribed frequency? Just 5-10 minutes after your run, 2x a week.

Movement Monday: Runner-Specific Strength Exercises from Finish Line Physical Therapy on Vimeo.

1 – The Common Lunge Matrix with Same Side Rotational Reach is a great 3D strength exercise for runners because a lunge mimics the running stride, and a same side rotational reach emphasizes extra glute engagement in the transverse plane.

2 – Pivot Lunges with Overhead Frontal Plane (opposite side lateral) Reach to Balance are a great way for runners to practice single leg stability while running and adding an overhead, opposite side reach challenges the core as well as the lateral hip.

3 – Towel Slides (three ways) are essentially a posterior lunge and a great way to strengthen hamstrings and glutes for runners. Adding different directions varies the muscle group recruitment to include all planes of motion.

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