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Earl Walton of Tailwind Endurance offers a few key reminders in advance of the NYC Triathlon.

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July 27th, 2014

NYC Triathlon: 7 Points to Ponder

The countdown is on for the New York City Triathlon! If you missed the Race IQ event that we hosted a few weeks ago with Tailwind Endurance, here are a few of Earl Walton’s key recap points. And as a side note – Tailwind is still hosting NYC Tri Course Rides this week. Check out the schedule, and if you’re desperate to get in but can’t make the available classes, email Cat to set up a special appointment.

NYC Triathlon: 7 Points to Ponder

1. Transition Closes at 5:15 a.m. (yup) The walk to swim start is one mile up the river, so bring shoes to walk in and carry your wetsuit (don’t put it on until a few minutes prior to the race). You may have hours until your swim start, so remember to bring some extra food and nutrition to the race start.

2. For the Swim: Stay towards the middle of the river for the strongest current (although, much to the disappointment of Jesse Thomas and the rest of the pros, the current is projected to be weak in the early waves, getting stronger through the day).

3. For Transition 1: Have your bike in a light gear and be very careful and calm as you leave transition. It can be crowded, and you want to ease your way into the first part of your ride.

4. For the Ride: The West Side Highway / Henry Hudson Parkway is NOT flat. Be prepared for hills.

5. Because mechanicals happen: Make sure your bike is tuned up and you know how to change a flat. There are 4,000+ racers and 4 guys on motorcycles tending to repairs (come see us at the expo for flat repair work).

6. Remember that the Run: Is back into your backyard. If you have paced well and eaten properly, you should be in great shape to run well and enjoy your hometown fans!

7. When going to the Expo: You can ride your bike there, and they will park it for you while you go to the mandatory pre-race meeting (don’t lose that bracelet). We also highly recommend visiting the NYC Tri Guides on Saturday who can walk you through transition and give you a full review of the ins and outs of the transition area on race day.

Bonus Point: You signed up for an adventure / a challenge / a life event. Enjoy it and stay focused on that original goal. It’s still valid and still the driving force that should get you out of bed on race morning!

Best of luck; we all wish you a Strong Current and a Massive Tailwind! We’ll see you at the Finish Line!

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