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Finish Line PT has some great tools that will provide relief after long weeks of training, prepare you to be your best on race day and help you recover faster after you’ve crossed the finish line.

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September 14th, 2015

Recover Like a Pro at Finish Line PT

In order to reach new limits of pace, distance and achievement, it’s important to balance the effort of training for endurance events with a recovery plan. Post-workout recovery enables your body to rebuild itself in response to all the stress you place on it during periods of hard effort.

Finish Line Physical Therapy has some great tools that will provide relief after long weeks of training, prepare you to be your best on race day and help you recover faster after you’ve crossed the finish line.

Massage Therapy
For most people, getting a massage falls into the “nice to have” category. It’s something you might do once or twice a year because mom gave you a gift certificate for your birthday. But when it comes to training for a distance event, consider thinking about soft tissue work as one tool in your toolbox when you look at your overall health and overall training plan.

Massage that emphasizes functional soft tissue therapy helps to release the soft tissue restrictions that often cause pain and inhibit movement. In tandem with regular stretching, foam rolling and mobility work, massage can promote better blood flow to help reverse the repetitive movements and daily stresses of training. Be nice to your body so it will be nice to you on race day!

Prepare your body for race-day by scheduling a massage 5-7 days before the race. Or help expedite your body’s recovery with a post-race massage 2-3 days after you cross the finish line. Call the office today to schedule an appointment with Sara Hunninghake, our staff LMT!

NormaTec Compression Sleeves
We may or may not have started calling these the “magic sleeves” around the office. The NormaTec compression sleeves are one of the best tools for increasing circulation, decreasing inflammation and speeding up recovery. Particularly beneficial after a long run, intense workout or a RACE, the sleeves use a unique massage pattern to provide dynamic compression to the limbs, thereby enhancing the movement of fluids. Even spending as little as 20 minutes can help an athlete recover faster than waiting for the body to recover on its own.

[Read more about the science behind NormaTec recovery.]

Finish Line PT patients are welcome to use the sleeves for free as part of their rehab. We welcome non-patients to use them for a nominal fee. Call the office today to schedule an appointment, and let the sleeves work their magic!

110% Play Harder
Finish Line PT is partnering with 110% Play Harder to provide quality products that help our patients reach their individual finish lines.

110% Play Harder creates products that allow you to transition from high performance to active recovery in one step. The combination of compression plus ice or heat therapy helps to speed recovery, enhance performance and decrease chance of injury. 110% zoned, gradient compression helps to reduce swelling and increase circulation while you’re working out. 110% compression plus ice/heat provides you with a mobile post-recovery tool that is both convenient and simple to use.

Gone are the days of trying to awkwardly wrap a bag of ice around your knee or use saran wrap to ice your ankle (plus, is it ever tight enough?). 110% products allow for targeted placement of reusable inserts that can be frozen or heated up in the microwave to prevent swelling and reduce inflammation.

To view the complete product line, check out the 110% online store. We’ve got samples of all their products in the office in case you want to check them out before ordering.

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