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October 5th, 2017

Why Get The Drip?

By Joseph Radich, MHS, PA-C
Owner & Clinical Director, RenewU

Oftentimes our normal dietary intake is not sufficient enough to maintain the body’s normal function — let alone, athletes who repeatedly stress their bodies and deplete their nutrient levels. Even athletes who supplement with vitamins often have chronic inflammatory issues that hinder their body’s capability to absorb nutrients.

The faster an athlete can replenish lost nutrients and fluids, the better the recovery will be. During an intense workout or race, it is much harder for an athlete to recover fluids, and muscle recovery is delayed. For runners in particular, blood does not flow to the stomach but instead to muscles, which can prevent our bodies from properly digesting and absorbing nutrients.

What most runners don’t know is that when you try to conventionally rehydrate with drink supplements after races, your body will only absorb about 50 percent of the nutrients. Compare that to an IV, which rehydrates and replenishes lost nutrients at a much faster rate because you are getting it directly to the blood stream. Regular hydration is mostly adequate for a young healthy runner, but for the intense athlete or the weekend warrior, IVs are a much better alternative for recovery.

What do these IVs contain that make them more effective? Dextrose fluids, which essentially is sugar water that is easily digestible by the body and aids in recovery. A whole host of vitamins, minerals, electrolytes and alkalinizing agents assist in enhancing energy production, boosting the immune system, lowering inflammation and stimulating muscle repair. Amino acids, which help with building muscle by forming much-needed proteins, are also incorporated and support muscle recovery.

While some runners stick with their typical $5 drink from Whole Foods to rehydrate after races, we have had great success with these “miracle” drips. Take the case of Anthony, one of our top patients who is a 39-year-old seasoned triathlete. Until he started to rehydrate with our team at RenewU, he told us he felt exhausted, drained and utterly “blah” after his races. He started doing IVs a few years back, and he said it was amazing how he felt more alive and recovered when doing the IVs versus trying to hydrate the traditional way. “I never feel as good as when I get my IV drips before and after a race.”

IVs are an excellent tool for expediting recovery, improving overall energy levels and imparting a sense of relaxation on endurance athletes. IVs are no replacement for someone who is having severe hydration issues, such as heat stroke, hypothermia or cardiac issues. If there’s a marathon, triathlon, adventure race or any other finish line you want to cross, schedule a treatment today!

*** Just in time for October and November fall marathons, RenewU is offering the following discounts on IVs ***

  • Recovery Drip — $119
  • Athlete Prep Drip — $119
  • Glutathione Drip — $75
  • Amino Injections — $25
  • Recovery Drip, Hormone Assessment and Comprehensive Blood Panel — $199 (with health insurance)

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