Recovery Membership

Recovery Membership



More and more athletes are coming to realize the important role recovery plays in their training. To train is to push your body, to stress your various systems past a point of comfort. This is how we become faster, how we become stronger. However, to truly reap the benefits of your training, you must allow your body to fully recover in between these bouts of stressing it (training), so that when you go out on that next tempo run or complete your next speed workout, you are once again able to stress your body for performance gains. Proper recovery lets you accomplish this. Keep pushing your limits, without allowing your body to breakdown and put a kink in your training.


It’s simple, recover well so you can train harder.





Recovery Services


r e c o v e r y    m e m b e r s h i p

[available as a monthly membership]

Finish Line PT knows what it takes to have a successful training season. Those who take recovery seriously, see immense benefits in their training and performance. We have crafted a monthly Recovery Membership with the idea of keeping recovery a consistent part of your training. Our membership includes the following:


weekly recovery services:

  • [2] 30’ Infrared Sauna Sessions____________________________ (reg $80)
  • [1] Cryotherapy Session____________________________________(reg $59)
  • [1] AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill Session up to 60’___________(reg $50)
  • [2] 30’ NormaTec Compression Sleeves Sessions____________(reg $30)

Regular cost= $219/week ($876/month)

                                                       Recovery Membership = $399/month


m e m b e r s h i p      p e r k s 

  • Discounted 60’ massage – $110 (reg $125) *no cap*
  • [1] guest pass a month *cannot be used for massage discount*

Your Recovery Tool Box




  • Heats the body at its core
  • Parasympathetic rest and digest recovery state
  • Calm the mind, recover the body
  • USE IT WHEN: consistently to allow your body to enter a state of recovery. We recommend at least 2x a week to experience the full benefits.



  • Cold therapy leading to reduced muscle soreness & fatigue
  • Allows you to train at higher intensity and volume
  • USE IT WHEN: before or after a high-intensity workout or race. Prepare your body to perform, or increase blood flow to aid in speedy recovery.



  • Reduces the impact of running by decreasing the % of bodyweight you are running at while still allowing you to reach the anaerobic intensity of a workout
  • USE IT WHEN: your mileage is increasing significantly, you’re starting to feel some slight discomfort/injury, returning from an injury. The AlterG does it all, the benefits of reducing the impact of running on 100%  your body 1-2x a week will quickly show in your outdoor workouts.



  • Dynamic air compression
  • Increases blood flow to the limbs for enhanced recovery
  • USE IT WHEN you have a long run or race coming up, or to recover. Heavy legs? Increase blood flow to remove metabolic waste and hydrate the muscle and tissue so your legs feel restored.



  • Functional soft tissue therapy to release tissue restrictions that cause pain and inhibit movement
  • USE IT WHEN: No matter how much you foam roll or trigger point, you still feel muscle restrictions or tightness.




Service Regular Rate Patient Rate Details
Recovery Membership  $399 $299 *While an active patient

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