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February 12th, 2021

Foot Health Exercises

by Alison McGinnis, DPT, PT, FAFS

Alison shares her favorite foot health exercises. You can try these out at home, while working on the computer, watching TV, and even walking around or doing a home workout.

I love using my time at home to work on my foot health. After decades in shoes, the structure of my feet have changed. But that’s not permanent. I use toe spreaders to regain the proper alignment between my metatarsals and phalanges (toe bones), and I use a band between my big toes to address my bunions and allow me to perform strengthening exercises with my toes in the correct position.

All of this can be done while sitting (or standing) at your desk. No excuses about not having time to do exercises! The goal is to increase how long you can tolerate wearing the toes spreaders until you no longer notice they’re on. The band is only on when I’m strengthening.

*Bonus: It’s key to integrate this motion into function. Wearing toe spreaders while walking or exercising retrains your foot muscles in their correct positions, and will improve foot mobility and strength faster. And since most of us are exercising in our homes these days, kick off your shoes and do your workouts with your toe spreaders on!

My favorite toe spreaders are from @thefootcollective, but any that are flat on the bottom will do. (Not an ad!)

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