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December 22nd, 2022

10 Resolutions for Runners… that have nothing to do with pace

  1. BE MORE CONSISTENT – across the board. That means your full routine, including running, strength training, cross training, sleep, eating nutritious foods, etc. Be consistent with the big things and the small things.
  2. Speaking of nutritious foods, LEARN HOW TO FUEL for your body! If you’ve been struggling to figure out how to properly fuel or hydrate for long runs, test that out now or work with an expert. Someone who knows nutrition and running. If you’re looking for a recommendation, we’ve worked with Nicci Schock, Mel Sulaver, Lauren Antonucci.
  3. STRENGTH TRAIN! It can make a huge difference on preventing injury, getting stronger, and getting faster. Incorporate lunges, squats, 3-dimensional movement, plyometrics. If you want a place to start, check out our upcoming Winter Warriors Strength Series here.
  4. PRIORITIZE SLEEP! Sleep is when you recover. Without adequate sleep, you are doing your training a disservice; making it harder to recover and be ready for the next workout.
  5. PLAN AN ADVENTURE RUN! Get out of town and explore completely new roads! MetroNorth has a ton of runnable areas waiting to be explored.
  6. SCHEDULE A GAIT ANALYSIS. Learn about your form and a couple keys ways you can improve. A gait analysis is going to provide suggestions tailored to you. You can learn more about our gait analysis and how to schedule here.
  7. TRY RUNNING WITHOUT YOUR WATCH. Go out for a run and not have pace goal, just go on feel and effort. You can do an entire workout on effort, hitting those hard, comfortable, easy efforts rather than basing it on pace.
  8. MAKE A NEW RUNNING BUDDY. Show up to that group run you’ve been wanting to join and make a new friend. The running community is large, there’s almost guaranteed a new friend at a group run.
  9. EXPLORE A NEW ROUTE! Try to take a path in Central Park you haven’t explored before or if you know every inch of Central Park, head to Prospect Park.
  10. RUN EASY, RUN FOR FUN! We do this for fun, right? Remember that and find your joy.
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