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February 23rd, 2015

Breaking Down 196 Miles

It’s true: we ran from Miami to Key West. That’s 196 miles if you’re keeping track from home. There were 12 people on our team — split up in two different vans. We each ran 3 legs of varying distances (check out the leg breakdown).

Here are a couple of words or phrases to describe each leg and the runner’s experience — plus a compilation of selfies we each took after our legs. (Note: Tim decided that his legs can best be summed up by the titles of classic rock songs.)

Leg 1: Excited to be starting everyone off and to be running in the warmth! [Sammy]
Leg 2: Holy hot & red face! (I mean, look at that selfie photo) But I don’t even care. Cause it’s so warm. [Sara]
Leg 3: Shit it’s hot … and I missed the van mirror amputation?! Not cool. [Caroline]
Leg 4: Warm up. [Michael]
Leg 5: THIS IS AMAZING! And thinking that I better beat that girl who is running in a Cinderella costume (which I did, thanks to some long traffic lights). [Kiersten]
Leg 6: These stop lights are killin’ me… [Cat]
Leg 7: This girl passed me huffing and puffing at the beginning, thinking she could hold this ridiculous pace. But she died halfway through, and I flew by her saying, “See you later sucka!!” [Caitlin]
Leg 8: Runnin’ Down a Dream by Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers [Tim]
Leg 9: I finally get to run! I wonder if Brynn notices my biceps in this Finish Line singlet… [Andy]
Leg 10: Wow, it feels really good to run in shorts and a tank top again! [Brynn]
Leg 11: Beginning: “Got my gangster rap playing, sun in my hair, I feel great!!” End: “Wow I really wished I had paced myself.” (Mental note taken for NYC and Brooklyn Half) [Jess]
Leg 12: How fast can I run? Maybe beat the van? [Jason]
Leg 13: I set a goal for how many ducks I could pass and then counted them as I went. It made the 9 miles fly by. [Sammy]
Leg 14: I’m trying not to be freaked out running in the woods in the dark with gators lurking… [Sara]
Leg 15: I have yet to see a gator, but I did see 16 ducks! And a beautiful moon. [Caroline]
Leg 16: Painful. 12 miles on a straight road/bridge at night with no watch, no music and no support. OUCH!!! [Michael]
Leg 17: I was very scared to shine my flashlight into the woods on the night run, and then when I finally got the courage to do so, there was a stingy, scary, monstrous cat staring right at me! (made me run a little faster) And thinking, “My uncle better be out of the compression sleeves when I get back.” (Nicki Minaj also helped out) [Kiersten]
Leg 18: Springing out way too fast makes for a challenging 1 a.m. run. PACING PACING PACING (Jess can feel me on that one). But I’ll take 29 ducks! [Cat]
Leg 19: Running in complete darkness is incredibly exhilarating and freeing. I had my headphones in so I wouldn’t be paranoid, and the 10 miles flew by. I was also relieved it wasn’t as hot out. [Caitlin]
Leg 20: Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen [Tim]
Leg 21: My inner monologue: “WTF are dozens of fishermen doing fishing at 3:30 a.m. on a bridge in the Keys?!?!” Dozens of fishermen inner monologues: “WTF is that fruitcake doing running in the middle of the night with a headlamp and some sort of colorful flashing rave light up vest?!?!?” [Andy]
Leg 22: 4 a.m. with a light-up vest and flashlight in hand surrounded by the ocean. This is the coolest run I have ever done. I think I like this running thing! [Brynn]
Leg 23: Beginning: “Got my gangster rap playing, sun in my hair, I feel great!!”
End: “Wow I really wished I paced myself.” (Mental note taken for NYC and Brooklyn half) [Jess]
Leg 24: I’m tired (it was the middle of the night)- but I got 42 ducks! [Jason]
Leg 25: 2 more miles and then all my legs are complete! [Sammy]
Leg 26: Sunrise over the Seven Mile Bridge: unreal. I kept thinking about that scene in True Lies when they blow up the bridge. Is that weird? [Sara]

Leg 27: Definitely my favorite. Curly’s good lookin’ coffee must have given me a boost! [Caroline]
Leg 28: Humbling. Thank god for sleeves and voo doo bands. [Michael]

Leg 29: Longest 5 miles of my life as my legs were very tired and did not want to come off of the ground. But my chest bump with Cat at the transfer made it all worthwhile (even if she was scared of me running towards her, lol). [Kiersten]
Leg 30: I cannot wait to see everyone’s face for the end of Van #1’s last leg and the beginning of Van #2’s last leg. And: “Let me slap it Caitlin!” [Cat]
Leg 31: HOT. That is all. Just hot. No shade. No mercy. But I ran as hard as I could for my team! [Caitlin]
Leg 32: Highway to Hell by AC/DC [Tim]
Leg 33: I wonder if I look anything like Blearl when I run. He’s so fast. (clearly delirium had set in) [Andy]
Leg 34: 2 miles to go. Easy peasy! [Brynn]
Leg 35: Ow. [Jess]
Leg 36: 26 hours! Can we get under 26 hours?! [Jason]

Miles High Club didn’t quite get under 26 hours… but close! Our official time was 26 hours, 3 minutes — good for 8th place in the mixed open division and 15th overall!

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