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by Raechel Bugner & Emmi Aguillard, PT, DPT, FAFS

Posted in Team Finish Line.

September 19th, 2018

Common Running Injuries | Shin Splints

As runners, we are no strangers to injury. Googling is often our go-to when we feel some discomfort pop up, but can oftentimes lead us down a rabbit hole, or provide less than accurate information. 

Doctors of Physical Therapy Raechel Bugner & Emmi Aguillard share some of the common running injuries we see here at Finish Line PT, how you can diagnose them, and some recovery/rehab suggestions.



What is it?

  • Pain along shin bone (often on impact)
  • Could be as minor as tendonitis or as serious as a stress fracture


Possible Causes:

  • Increased heel strike (aka: excessive force through shin bone (tibia) at impact)
  • Poor ability to pronate
  • Increased shock absorb due to decreased foot mobility
  • Or just being new to running!


Rehab Tips:

  • Work on your running form:
    • Try leaning forward
    • Get your feet underneath your center of mass (upper body)
    • Increase your cadence
  • Strength train to improve control of pronation on landing
  • Work on foot and ankle mobility to improve ability to pronate at initial contact (shock absorb)
  • Foam roll calves
  • Run on a soft surface (bridal path in the park, track, treadmill or black-top instead of cement)
  • Compression socks


Red Flags:

If the pain is severe and persistent see your physical therapist or orthopedist to see if you have a stress reaction or a stress fracture!

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