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February 24th, 2015

Team Finish Line Takes On Ragnar Florida Keys

When Michael Conlon asked the Finish Line staff back in August who was interested in joining him for a Ragnar Relay… in February… in FLORIDA… 11 hands shot up rather quickly. It’s no secret that ours is a pretty active staff, but spending more than 24 hours straight in a van with your coworkers while running from Miami to Key West? That’s bringing new meaning to “team bonding.” But we did it.

The first week of February, a crew of 12 of us flew down to Miami for the Ragnar Season Opener: a beautifully warm, flat and scenic run from Miami through the Keys to the finish line in Key West. 26 hours, 3 minutes and a handful of seconds later, Team “Miles High Club” ran through the finish chute — and finished eighth in the mixed open division and 15th overall out of over 500 teams!

We asked the staff what they thought of the race, the overall experience, each of their individual legs plus what they learned about their coworkers. Click on each link to read what everyone had to say:

What was your favorite part of the race?
The general consensus: we all loved the start and the feeling of being part of a team. And we didn’t get tired of each other after 26 hours in a van!

What was your favorite part of the overall trip?
We were lucky enough to have an extra day in Key West to sit by the pool, enjoy some beverages and other shenanigans. No surprise here: this group likes to party!

What is one thing you learned about your coworkers?
Pretty much, we all like each other. And: what happens in Key West stays in Key West…

Breaking Down 196 Miles
In case you aren’t familiar, here’s how this relay works: there are 12 of us on a team and two 15-passenger vans. We split in half — six people go in Van 1, the other six in Van 2. Each person is assigned a runner number and ultimately runs 3 different legs (of varying distances) of the 196-mile journey. So runners 1-6 in Van 1 run their legs, then runners 7-12 in Van 2 takes over, and so on.

Van 1 was Michael Conlon, Caroline Varriale, Cat Nadeau, Sammy Jacobsen, Sara Hunninghake and Kiersten Jacobsen. (How did Michael get so lucky to be with all the ladies?)

Van 2 was Tim Carlson, Brynn Fessette, Caitlin Alexander, Jess Gianattasio, Jason Lakritz and Andy Fenack.

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