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December 21st, 2022

Top Blog Posts of 2022

Every year it’s fun for us to look back at the blogs and topics you’ve enjoyed the most. We’ve pulled together a list of our top six blogs, plus four honorable mentions, of your favorite blogs of the year. Getting stronger seems to be the theme throughout several of them, so we’ll keep that coming. But let us know what topics you’d like to see in 2023 by telling us in this survey.

1. 4 Reasons Runners Need Strength Training

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By Cuyler Hudson, PT DPT, FAFS

1) Soft tissue injury prevention: The best ability to have is availability, and the best way to keep yourself available for runs is by strength training. This is where the concept of tissue capacity comes into play. By building strength…

2. Why Is 180 SPM The Magic Number Anyway?

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By Jimmy Williams, PT, DPT, FAFS

What is cadence? Cadence, simply put, is the number of steps that you take in one minute. Now if you bring up the word “cadence” in relation to running, people will immediately tell you that it should be 180 steps per minute…

3. Back to Back Marathons: 10 Tips if You’re Pulling a Double

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By various FLPT physical therapists & staff

As a 4:30+ marathon runner, I have the belief that anyone can do a marathon with the proper training. But there still remains a sense of accomplishment in doing something most people…

4. NYC Marathon Panel Replay

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By Sam Jacobsen, PT, DPT, FAFS & other marathon experts

“If you’re dealing with any naggles, now is the time to get the addressed. Don’t just expect them to magically go away on race day.” -Just one of the many tidbits of information from our panel to help prepare you for the marathon

5. We Call It Prehab!

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By Michael Conlon, PT, FAFS

Physical therapy is more than rehab… We call it prehab! Think of this as maintenance for your muscles; prehab can proactively help you to avoid injury, maximize your potential, and achieve peak performance…

6. How To Clean Your Bike

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By Jimmy Williams, PT, DPT, FAFS

Hello there, it’s me, your bike. Maybe I’ve been sitting in the corner of your room or perhaps you used me quite frequently to hit the roads during the summer & fall months. Either way, one thing is certain, I NEED TO BE CLEANED….

Other Favorites

7. Running Can Be Beneficial For Your Knees

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By Erin Kelly, SPT

Whether you’ve been running for 10 years or 10 days, you’ve likely gotten this question when disclosing your healthy habit: “But isn’t running BAD for your knees?” It can be hard to argue with individuals who’ve been listening to…

8. Return To Running PostPartum – First Race Back

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By Hannah Poges

With the Brooklyn Half approaching, which would be my first race back from having Calvin (10 months), nerves started to get the best of me. So I decided to turn to our community and chat with one of our patients, Gemma Aafjes-Hilverdink…

9. Tapering Your Strength Training

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By Jimmy Williams, PT, DPT, FAFS

You’ve seen plenty of posts on how to taper your mileage for a marathon; maintain intensity while slowly cutting back total weekly mileage over 3-4 weeks prior to the race. For some reason, when I ask runners…

10. Three Tips For A Side Stitch

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By Alison McGinnis, PT, DPT, FAFS

Try a few of these simple tricks to keep you moving during your next workout.

1. Check your posture – Are your shoulders lifted up and leaning back? This position over-lengthens the abs. Try…

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