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February 23rd, 2015

What is one thing you learned about your coworkers?

[Michael] These kids can drink. And: Andy likes to be the little spoon.

[Brynn] Rule number one: do not mess up a dinner order, you will get a bad review for it! More importantly, I am so lucky to work with such great people. You would think being stuck in a van with the same people for 26 hours would be awful, but I would do it again in a heartbeat!

[Jason] Van 2 loves them some Blearl!

[Caroline] Most of us become clowns with accents when we have a few drinks in us … awesome. Daddy likes to spoil his wifey and 10 kids. Never turn your head to the right when there may be a gator present!

[Andy] I must have been really tired after we finished. I remember going to bed then waking up wearing fuzzy Ugg slippers next to Michael. Weird f—ing night man. … Tim wears an eye mask to sleep and sometimes forgets to take it off once he’s awoken. And he showers at Elementary schools. … Sooo-eee and Jessie-Lynn are the redneck sisters I never had. … Blearl and Dilbert are the redneck cousins I do have. … I love BJ.

[Sara] It’s amazing that you can spend 26 hours with people in a van – your coworkers, nonetheless – and actually not get tired of them! Loved it. And this is why my everyone at FLPT is the best: because we all actually think doing something like this is FUN. Weird… right? But totally awesome.

[Cat] It is so rare to find a group of co-workers who truly believe and are so heavily passionate in what they do. Finish Line lives for this type of excitement and adventure. While 196 miles seems daunting at first, the experience ended up being the most enjoyable race of my life. I would jump at the opportunity to spend another 26 hours in a van with these fine folks. MILES HIGH CLUB LOVE!

Also: Timmy needs his beauty sleep, Andy and Jason never sleep, Michael easily taps into his feminine side when surrounded by that much estrogen, and Brynn is secretly a big softie at heart.

[Tim] Some of us can do a mean Southern accent.

[Jess] I already knew that I loved Finish Line but being with my coworkers on this trip made me love and appreciate them even more. It’s great to work with people that can make you laugh and have such an awesome time with outside of the office. This is an experience I will never forget. There were exciting, happy, crazy and sometimes smelly times but I am so thankful for all of it!

[Caitlin] These people are just like me! We all love to run, eat, drink and be happy. The simple things in life.

[Kiersten] Cat is a rice-atarian. … DON’T touch Brynn’s pillows. … Sam LOVES footsies in bed. … And I swear if my uncle had referred to himself as “daddy” just one more time… On another note, this race allowed me to see that Finish Line employees are amazing! Like myself, they love to drink and have a good time! It is very cool to be a part of this group of people because essentially no other business is anything like Finish Line.

[Sammy] Brynn isn’t a fan of sharing toothpaste.

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