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February 20th, 2015

What was your favorite part of the overall trip?

[Michael] The post-run party in the pool – hard to beat that. Although watching Cat drive was pretty awesome too. That poor mirror…

[Brynn] Best part was when we were hanging in the pool and everyone went around and said what they were thankful for.

[Jason] Pool party and getting to hang out with everyone.

[Caroline] Bonding with my colleagues and realizing that they are all my friends!

[Sara] Pool, beverages, sun, warmth, extra day off… need I say more? But I also really loved all of the exchanges. With van 1, we’d all go crazy and act like idiots at each of the exchanges. It was fun both to cheer on my teammates and then be on the receiving end of the cheering. At the major exchanges when both vans met up, it was awesome reconnecting with the whole team before sending off the next runner.

[Andy] Sunday in the Keys, from brunch to beers at the pool to playing hide the gator. And: driving that beautiful kidnapper van clear on down to the Florida Keys.

[Cat] Caroline waiving like a mermaid on the handicap chair, sharing our favorite part about working at Finish Line (thanks Brynnie – also a fan of the Buck Beer run), Caitlin beating Andy in a mini swim race, underwater pics, just lounging by the pool, drinking and shootin’ the shit with some of the best people ever.

[Tim] Relaxing at the pool the day after the race.

[Jess] My favorite part of the trip was spending quality time being delusional from lack of sleep with my fellow rednecks in van 2, and also when we were all together by the pool the next day. Thinking of the weather and sun right now is killing me!! Oh and I also enjoyed Michael asking me to steal the pool pillow from the 4-year-old boy. Which I did.

[Caitlin] Being a part of a team of such incredible individuals all working towards a common goal. It was wonderful to run for and be motivated by my fellow teammates than to just be running for myself. Also: I loved calling Jason “Blearl” every 10 minutes. I lost it every time. I woke up Sunday morning with really sore abs, not from running, but from laughing so hard for 26 hours straight!

[Kiersten] Favorite part of the overall trip was definitely the 26 hours that we were completing the race. I had never done anything like this before, and I absolutely loved it! Although sitting by a pool in FEBRUARY with cocktails in hand and hanging out with some of the best people wasn’t too bad either!

[Sammy] My favorite part of the whole trip was being in a warm, sunny place with all of FLPT. Being at school, I usually only get to hang out with everyone in the summer so this was great to be able to escape from cold and snowy Syracuse to see everyone!!

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