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February 20th, 2015

What was your favorite part of the race?

[Michael] The start and the finish. I loved the staff’s excitement as we cheered Sammy at the start and Jason at the finish. Was really fun watching Jason run slower than a 6-minute mile there at the end!

[Brynn] Um…the endless porta potties? Did no else appreciate those?! Honestly too many to choose from, but if I had to pick, I would go with sending Sammy off at the start and crossing the finish line together. Hanging out on the beach after the race was fun too!

[Jason] Finishing the race with the crew!

[Caroline] The constant stream of encouragement and teamwork that encompassed the entire weekend.

[Andy] 10.7 mile run starting at 3 a.m. Strange surreal and unlike any run I’ve done before. Also: waiting at the last exchange was great because we were so unbelievably delirious that everything was hilarious.

[Sara] I loved the running (especially sunrise over the Seven Mile Bridge in the Keys) — but I actually loved the camaraderie from being in the van. By Saturday, my face hurt from laughing so hard. And of course, having the compression sleeves IN the van for pre- & post-run recovery was genius. It made a huge difference!

[Cat] When Sammy started flapping her wings as she passed lucky duck #7 … when Kierst flew by Cinderella at the cross walk … Jason’s first EVER selfie after crushing 5:25 miles … and of course my successful overtaking of a city bus — with the minor caveat of a lost mirror, which resulted in the piercing of Kiersten’s leg with shards of glass (“we got insurance right?”).

[Tim] My favorite part of the race was running across the Keys at 3 o’clock in the morning, wearing a neon blue illuminated vest and a headlamp. I felt like I was in Tron!

[Jess] Like most of us I loved sending off Sammy at the start line. It felt awesome for all of us to be together in our Finish Line gear representing NYC all the way in Florida. Makes you feel like a badass in front of the other teams cause this group of folks actually knows what correct running form looks like and how to successfully recover from the 196-mile journey.

[Caitlin] Jamming to Missy Elliott during my 10-mile run at 2 a.m. in complete darkness. Also I just really loved all the support in sending all our teammates out on their individual legs and cheering them on as they finished each one.

[Kiersten] As many others have said, my favorite part of the race was at the start. The environment was so fun, and we were all excited to begin our legs. I also enjoyed the van rides in between our teammates’ legs. (Sleeping in the driver’s seat with my knees in the steering wheel and freezing? Not so much.)

[Sammy] My favorite part of the race was starting the team off and having them all there at the start to cheer me on.

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