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Team Finish Line is aiming to raise $150,000 for LLS in honor of the 9-year-old with leukemia.

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January 31st, 2013

Why We Run: For Sofia

Relentless for a Cure. Victorious at the Finish Line.

No phrase more accurately describes what Team Finish Line is about. Since the clinic opened in 2006, our mission has been intricately connected with the mission of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society: to find a cure for blood cancers. Our patients have crossed hundreds of finish lines and raised thousands of dollars to help eradicate cancer. It’s something special to run and compete for a cause that matters and with a team that wants nothing more than to see its own finish and be successful in the journey.

Finish Line Physical Therapy has been honored to sponsor two corporate teams in the past year that have raised more than $130,000 for LLS. We’ve all run for the individuals in our lives who have fought the cancer battle and are living proof that our work DOES matter… for those who are currently in the throes of fighting the good fight… and for those who fought valiantly to the end, only to be bested by this terrible epidemic.

And now, our fundraising becomes even more personal. In December, Michael Conlon’s 9-year-old cousin, Sofia, was diagnosed with leukemia. She didn’t respond as well as hoped or expected to the first round of chemo and is in the midst of round 2 (scroll down to read a heartbreaking update her mom sent in the middle of January).

Please support Team Finish Line as our team of more than 40—including many members of the Finish Line PT staff—seeks to raise more than $150,000 to support LLS by running the San Diego Half Marathon (and other summer races) on June 2 in honor of Sofia.  Will you join our team and support the cause?

Sofia is a sweet, active girl who lives in Scotland, loves grass hockey and soccer and riding horses. She got her first American girl doll in November, who has been a good friend throughout the chemo treatments. She needs every bit of energy, support, encouragement, prayers & positive thoughts to the universe that our community can muster. We’ve rallied before—and we’re confident we can rally again for Sofia.

From all of us at Finish Line Physical Therapy, thank you for your support.

An update from Sofia’s mom from mid-January:

“We heard from the doctor on Sunday that unfortunately Sofia hadn’t reacted to treatment as well as we were expecting. We were to be at the ward on Monday at 8 am to have a Hickman line inserted and start on Regimen C, which is a more intense treatment. It was like being hit by a bus all over again. So here we go back on the roller coaster to explain to Sofia we need to get ready fast as we are going on a trip for a few nights to have a Mr. Wiggly fitted so it will be much easier to have medicine and blood taken. After a horrible long day—26 hours of nothing to eat or drink, 2 hours in theatre, having the Hickman line fitted, a lumber puncture and chemo inserted in spine, an X-ray to make sure surgery all went well—Sofia is now munching on tuna, red onion and cucumber on Italian bread and a litre of water and settled in bed. Yipee. I’ve never been so glad to see the end of a long day! On Tuesday morning, Sofia woke up terrified of her Hickman line (Mr. Wiggly). She can now get blood taken while she is still snoring! 24 hours and a cocktail of painkillers later, we are back home as our neutrofil are 0.2 and need to be 0.75 before we can start the next treatment plan, which will consist of chemo Monday to Friday given between 2 days at a day clinic, a nurse coming to the house 3 days, and mum giving oral medicine before bedtime. We have managed to find our positive energy again with the help of our crazy boys who go back to day care on Monday. Keep your fingers crossed neutrofils are up. Thanks for the support.”

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