Amanda Kerpius

Amanda is a Licensed Massage Therapist and Therapeutic Yoga Teacher to athletes at Finish Line Physical Therapy. At Finish Line PT’s performance space, The Foundry, she serves as the Director of Programming where she also teaches Functional Yoga Strength for Athletes (SCULPT). In 2018, she expanded her offerings to include therapeutic structural yoga sessions and co-treatment sessions with physical therapists.

Amanda is a competitive distance and marathon runner racing over 1,000 miles in over 100 road races including over 35 half marathons and 10 marathons.  And, in the Chicago Marathon 2019, Amanda achieved her first Boston Qualifying time. She is also a certified running coach with the Road Runners Club of America.

Amanda graduated Summa Cum Laude from the Swedish Institute’s massage therapy program in 2017 and shortly thereafter received her New York State License in Massage Therapy.  Her work is inspired by the teachings of Lenny Paracino’s Functional Soft Tissue Transformation coursework, readings from Thomas Myers’ Anatomy Trains and mentorship from physical therapists at Finish Line PT.  Over her first three years at the clinic, she has helped hundreds of athletes from competitive-amateur, sub-elite and professional, find deep relaxation with strong, purposeful, non-harming massage techniques meant to carefully hydrate and mobilize tissues that aid in athletic recovery.

Amanda started practicing yoga in 2003 and began using it as a parallel treatment to physical therapy when recovering from running-related injuries. It became an essential element of her recovery—physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  She is an 825+ hour trained yoga teacher with 1,000+ hours of teaching experience that spans over eight years. First a trained dancer, Amanda practiced, performed, and choreographed dance for 26 years, lending her lifetime of body awareness a newfound credibility through a yoga form that is both rigorous and healing to the physical and emotional self. Amanda completed her first 200-hour yoga certification in 2012.  In 2018, she completed her 500-hour yoga therapeutics certification and is currently completing an 850-hour Yoga Therapy certification with Prema Yoga Institute.  Her individual therapeutic yoga work is influenced by both the teachings and personal healing from the Postural Restoration Institute where she has completed one of three core courses, Postural Respiration.

Amanda has been teaching Power Vinyasa Yoga since 2012 and has taught at Prana Power Yoga, Tangerine Yoga, SWEAT Yoga and currently teaches with The Foundry and Heatwise Yoga. You can also find her yoga-based strength classes and app-based yoga classes anytime and anywhere nationwide with Daily Burn 365 and with Yoga Workouts by Daily Burn.  During the COVID-19 pandemic, her classes are exclusively live-stream.  Importantly, starting June 1st, you can also find her video-on-demand content with The Connective, a teacher owned co-op designed to provide a sustainable livelihood for yoga and movement professionals, to raise industry standards as well as to improve diversity, address anti-racism and cultural appropriation.

In 2017, Amanda graduated from the Gray Institute of Functional Transformation as a Fellow of Applied Function Science (FAFS) making her a budding specialist in the world of biomechanics and movement science for athletes. She is certified in Functional Manual Reaction (FMR) helping people find functional mobility doing the activities and sports they love. Today, she crafts proprioceptively accurate sequences of yoga postures designed to support the biomechanics of athletes and runners in yoga classes and in individual therapeutic yoga sessions. After a 14-year career in sales and fundraising—and inspired by the physical therapy she received as a patient at Finish Line—Amanda transitioned to a career in wellness. Before her wellness career, Amanda received her BS in Business Administration from Colorado State University in 2000 and a MS in Fundraising and Nonprofit Management at New York University in 2010.


Professional Certifications

  • NYS Licensed Massage Therapist
  • E-RYT 500
  • C-IAYT Candidate, 2021
  • Fellow of Applied Functional Science (FAFS), through the Gray Institute, 2017
  • Road Runners Club of America Level 1 Running Coach

The Skinny

  • Hometown: Highlands Ranch, CO
  • College: Colorado State University, New York University and the Swedish Institute
  • My team: Broncos
  • My dance companies: Random Dance (Wayne McGregor), Pina Bausch, Batscheva (Ohad Nahrin)
  • Favorite music to listen to at work: “The Police” or “1980’s” radio stations on Pandora
  • Best way to stay active: Running marathons and half-marathons, practicing hot vinyasa yoga and alignment yoga, Soul Cycle classes when I can afford it, swimming when I have access to a pool and hiking uphill when I’m in Colorado or anywhere near a volcano. I’m always open to trying new forms of fitness in NYC’s many boutique fitness studios. I’m currently saving money for a road bike; maybe there is a triathlon in my future!

What I Like:

  • About working at FLPT: I’m inspired by the people I work with. I was first a patient at Finish Line Physical Therapy under the care of Brynn Fessette O’Neill back in 2012. I’ve received care at many physical therapy offices, but none like what Brynn offered me at Finish Line. It was her work that inspired me to pursue a career in Yoga and Massage Therapy. I started working at Finish Line as a Physical Therapy Aide while in school and quickly discovered that every doctor on staff provides a high level of care and attention to every patient that walks in the door.
  • About FLPT patients: I feel like I have found “my people”. I’m inspired by the active individuals who don’t hesitate to take on the next sport, challenge or marathon, and who also are constantly looking to find a balance between activity, rest and recovery.
  • About running/sports: After training and performing dance for over 26 years and practicing yoga for over 13 years, I’ve discovered that running and sports have similar benefits. I love running for so many reasons. When I’m running, I feel like I’m most alive because I’m intensely connected to my breath, mind, body and spirit. I set and achieve goals, which has built my self-esteem. I’ve developed friendships and feel grateful for the community that running gave and continues to give me. I don’t believe that your race time defines who you are. All that matters is your ability to find health and joy putting one foot in front of the other, whether it be running solo along a hidden trail or among 50,000 others crossing the Verrazano Bridge at the New York City Marathon.