Andrew Fenack
Clinical Director, Physical Therapist

Andy earned an undergraduate degree in theatre from the University of Texas at Austin and received his Doctor of Physical Therapy from Stony Brook University. He previously worked as Finish Line’s first PT aide in 2010 after the clinic moved to the current facility in Chelsea, left to go to PT school and returned as a full-time physical therapist in 2014. He is recognized as a Fellow of Applied Functional Science (FAFS) through the internationally acclaimed Gray Institute.

Movement has always been a big part of Andy’s life–from teaching theater in Texas after college to working as an academic coordinator for the Theatre and Dance Department at UC San Diego to spending many hours in movement courses for actors during his time in theatre. A runner in high school, Andy has since completed 2 Ironman triathlons, 3 marathons, 10 Half Ironman/70.3 races, numerous half marathons, Olympic and sprint distance triathlons and a few trail running races. He is a VDotO2 Run Smart Project certified distance running coach and an assistant coach with Team for Kids, a group of adult runners who raise funds to support running and fitness programs for youth nationwide.

While in PT school, Andy volunteered with Fit Kids for Life, a program to combat childhood obesity, in addition to starting a triathlon club at Stony Brook. He also coached cyclists and triathletes on the Computrainer system under the tutelage of Earl Walton at Tailwind Endurance. He now comes full circle “to return to a place that is like a second home and has always inspired me to become a better and smarter PT. I’m excited to help patients achieve their goals of becoming faster, healthier athletes through finding balance in their training plans.”

Professional Certifications

  • Fellow of Applied Functional Science from the Gray Institute
  • Postural Restoration Institute Coursework: Myokinematic Restoration, Pelvis Restoration and Postural Respiration
  • Institute of Motion Level 1 and 2 Mentorship
  • Functional Soft Tissue Transformation Certified
  • VDotO2 Run Smart Project Certified Distance Running Coach

The Skinny

  • Hometown: San Antonio, TX
  • College: University of Texas at Austin
  • My teams: University of Texas Longhorns, San Antonio Spurs, Dallas Cowboys
  • Favorite music to listen to at work: Johnny Cash station (usually doesn’t go over so well…)
  • Best way to stay active: Running, cycling and long distance hikes in the mountains

What I Like:

  • About working at FLPT: Finish Line sets the standard in care, with a philosophy of providing the most progressive physical therapy and treating not just the injured area but the entire person. I absolutely love the facility, which provides ample space and the best equipment for individuals to rehabilitate. Through charity work and outreach programs, Finish Line is more than just a clinic but a community of wellness in NYC that I’m proud to be a part of.
  • About FLPT patients: The patients are an inspiring and positive group of people who are motivated to improve themselves, in turn challenging me to become a better athlete and clinician. There are also plenty of endurance sports fanatics that enjoy talking about training and racing, which is always fun for me.
  • About running/sports: I think I share the sentiment with a lot of folks that endurance sports, especially running, make me feel free. I love that point in training and racing when things get difficult physically and you want to quit but you have to find the mental fortitude within yourself to overcome the challenge to successfully finish. It may be no fun in that moment, but it feels great afterwards!