Stability and mobility are the very building blocks of fitness and The Foundry, powered by Finish Line PT, provides New Yorkers with the ability to Forge Their Fitness.

Much like the bespoke craftsmen molding metal, our instructors are highly skilled in our signature foundational approach to fitness. Intimate class sizes provide for personalized instruction that educates as well as enhances your workout. Classes focus on stability,  mobility, form, and technique.


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Our current classes include:


FORGE | Functional Strength in 3D

A class designed with the endurance athlete in mind. The focus is on 3-dimensional movement with the goal of improving performance, regardless of the sport. This class is a restorative take on cross-training and appropriate for all levels.


FIRE | High-Intensity Intervals

This AsOne-influenced class will test your strength and endurance in a 45-minute, sweat-inducing, fat-burning workout. Sure to get your lungs pumping, you will leave us feeling ready to take on whatever the day throws your way.


FORM | Running Drills and Skills

Designed for anyone who’s sport involves running, this class focuses on improving running technique through drills that increase athletic efficiency and performance. You will walk away from this class with skills you can apply right to your next workout.


FLOW | Meditative Yoga

A flowy Vinyasa class with a focus on grounding and stability (mentally and physically) set to a thought out playlist. The practice of yoga is used to help you stretch and strengthen through breath and also meditate through movement. This class is just as much for your as it is for your body.


RESTORE | Roll & Recover

Combine self-myofascial foam rolling and range-of-motion dynamic stretches to stay in tip-top shape.


SCULPT | Strength by Yoga

This foundational & boundary-breaking yoga class incorporates external weight to help athletes develop greater strength, flexibility, and focus. Traditional yoga postures and sequences are crafted based on the running biomechanics. This class ensures you will toe your next start line with a strong mind and a strong body.


UNLOCK | Mobility Made Simple

Designed for runners, this class focuses on increasing the athlete’s efficiency all in an effort to make you a better more injury-free machine.


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