Boost Micro Gravity Treadmill



Defy gravity. Experience the sensation of “running on a cloud” as you run at a percentage of your body weight to decrease training stress on your body caused by pounding on pavement or training at high intensity under full body weight.


How does it work?

Boost microgravity treadmill (or anti-gravity treadmill) allows you to run or walk on a Woodway treadmill from 100% to as low as 20% of your bodyweight, in 1% increments. This reduction in effective body weight is achieved by creating a higher pressure around the your lower body. Because this pressure is greater than the pressure outside the enclosure, it creates a lifting force which counteracts gravity. The lifting force is dispersed across your entire lower body, which makes it incredibly comfortable. This gives you a sense of walking or running in a totally normal way, while at the same time feeling incredibly fast, strong, and pain-free. The treadmill allows you to reach the anaerobic intensity of a workout while decreasing the impact and stress on your body.



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Benefits of Microgravity Treadmills

Injury Rehab

Microgravity technology is useful across a spectrum of injuries, from post-surgical repair to stress fractures or lumbar disc herniation. Traditional recommendations of non-weight bearing time can mean loss of muscle mass, strength, cardiovascular fitness, and an increase in joint stiffness. Microgravity training can help combat all of these without compromising the risk of re-injury.

  • Walk and run sooner in the recovery process
  • Safe environment to heal, rehabilitate and gain fitness
  • Preserve muscle mass and aerobic fitness
  • Regain confidence and boost mental health

Boost Treadmill Pricing


Service Regular Rate Patient Rate Details
Single Session $25 $10 30’ sessions
5 Session Pass $99 $40 30’ sessions
10 Session Pass $189 $75 30’ sessions
Lifestyle $99/month $99/month includes up to 3 sessions per week, max session length = 60 minutes
Performance Membership $199/month $199/month unlimited sessions per week. max session length = 120 minutes



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