Anti-Gravity Treadmill


Defy gravity. Experience the sensation of “running on a cloud” as you run at a percentage of your body weight to decrease training stress on your body caused by pounding on pavement or training at high intensity under full body weight.


How does it work?

The anti gravity treadmill uses air pressure to provide an unweighting lifting force in increments of 20% body weight to 100% (full weight bearing). Runners will wear custom neoprene shorts that will zip into the airtight chamber and allow for adjusted weight bearing. The treadmill allows you to reach the anaerobic intensity of a workout while decreasing the impact and stress on your body.



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What is it used for?

  • Performance training for athletes
  • Improving gait efficiency
  • Running farther and faster with less impact on your joints
  • Supplement a high mileage training program
  • Returning from/staving off an injury
  • Maintain strength and endurance while rehabbing from injury

Anti-Gravity Treadmill Pricing


Service Regular Rate Patient Rate Details
Single Session $25 $10 30’ sessions
5 Session Pass $99 $40 30’ sessions
10 Session Pass $189 $75 30’ sessions
Lifestyle $99/month $99/month includes up to 3 sessions per week, max session length = 60 minutes
Performance Membership $199/month $199/month unlimited sessions per week. max session length = 120 minutes



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