Performance Based Personal Training

Performance based personal training with Finish Line Physical Therapy is a full body strength training program custom designed by one of our coaches.  You will work with your coach to define your goals, identify weaknesses, and determine a plan for you to improve strength, speed, and prevent future injuries!




Our coaches: All our coaches are doctors of physical therapy and maintain their FAFS (Fellow of Applied Functional Science).  Additionally, some of our coaches have a Running Coach specific certification (i.e., RRCA, VDotO2, USATF).  We focus on movement specific to your body and how to improve your overall strength to help you reach your optimal performance and goals!

Alison McGinnis
Michael Conlon
Cuyler Hudson
Mandy Fox
Tim Waanders
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Jimmy Williams
Ryan Matisko
Morgan Mowers
Connor Hesselbirg
Sammy Jacobsen

Questionnaire & Consultation:  Prior to getting started you will be asked to complete a questionnaire detailing your goals and current level of fitness and experience.  Through the questionnaire we will learn a little bit more about you and can either match you with a coach that aligns with your goals & style or you can select your preferred coach. 

Initial assessment: Your first appointment will hit the ground running, covering goal setting and establishing a baseline to measure your performance goals against and learn more about the areas specific to your body and your movement that we will strengthen and improve to help you reach your goals.  During your first appointment, you will have your first workout and learn more about your strength training program..  Following your assessment, your coach will create a plan for your body’s specific movement needs and implement a strength and power production focused regiment which will result in faster times and more PRs!

Personal Training Sessions: Each session will be with the same coach and continue to build on what you’ve learned in previous sessions and continue to work toward your goals.  Your customized plan will encourage accountability and results! 


Initial assessment $250 / Personal Training Sessions $175 Each session is 45 minutes in our gym space at our clinic.

As a client you will receive discounted & free recovery services such as Normatec Compression Boots, Anti gravity treadmill, and Infrared Sauna.


Complete our questionnaire to help us get to know you and your performance goals!!

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