Pelvic Floor Wellness

Pelvic floor muscles play a large role in core control and everyday function. The pelvic floor is composed of several layers of muscle tissue forming at the bottom of your pelvic bowl (your pubic bone to tailbone and your sit bones). Your pelvic floor acts to stabilize your hips and pelvis and control intra-abdominal pressure for core stabilization and to control urine flow, sexual function, and so much more. Dysfunction is incredibly individualized and can present due to a less active pelvic floor that can be caused by childbirth or trauma, or a tight or overactive pelvic floor. We treat pelvic floor issues with focused repositioning of the pelvis and by restoring normal breathing mechanics via the Postural Restoration Institute.


Who would benefit from a pelvic floor evaluation:

  • Women who have given birth (postpartum)
  • Women who experience incontinence or frequency in urination (urinary symptoms)
  • Women who experience pelvic pain
  • Women who experience pain with sex


Our Pelvic Floor Sessions


Our sessions are conducted in a private room and begin with a wellness screening and orthopedic evaluation assessing for any musculator or asymmetrical imbalances in the kinetic chain. If required, we  will recommend a second appointment to perform a pelvic floor evaluation.


Please note that while New York State Direct Access Laws do not require a referral to begin physical therapy, given the sensitivity of a Pelvic Floor exam we ask all patients to have a referral prepared for their second visits, once an internal exam has been recommended.


Our goal is to have you return to normal day-to-day function and a healthy lifestyle that includes fitness!



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