Functional Golf Assessment

What is the Functional Golf Assessment?


We take our knowledge of human movement and apply it to the biomechanics of a golf swing. A complete functional analysis and golf-specific training are ideal for golfers of any skill level who want to improve their performance, play without pain, and reduce their risk of injury. 


Assessments are 45-minute long, one-on-one sessions with a doctor of physical therapy and incorporate philosophies from The Grey Institute of Applied Functional Science. This approach is novel to traditional methods of golf swing training as we systematically evaluate how each joint functions in the four phases of your swing: Address, Backswing, Impact Position, and Follow-Through, to determine the source of inhibition to your performance. This unique way of approaching adjustments to your movement patterns and imbalances results in a direct translation of repeatable, fluid, and faster mechanics to your swing!



Investigate the Phases of a Golf Swing

  • Address → stance when you are preparing to start your golf swing
  • Backswing → when you take the club away from the ball and set it in position at the top of the backswing from which the club can be delivered to the ball at impact
  • Impact Position → when you make contact with the ball  
  • Follow-Through → position as you follow through hitting the ball


Find the Limitations

  • Mobility
  • Stability
  • Power




Service Cost
Functional Golf Assessment  $250

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