Have we mentioned how important strength training is to your overall running plan?

If you haven’t heard by now, go ahead and check out some of our blogs about it here and here

Otherwise, it’s off season!! It’s the perfect time to get ahead of your 2023 goals & start the gains now! Join our semi-private strength training series, designed, tested, & approved by our entire staff of physical therapists! 

Classes will take place inside the Foundry at Finish Line PT. The first week will begin with individual assessments to ensure it will be tailored to your specific goals.

Intended to build your base for strength, speed, and injury resistance, this class is perfect for those with big goals for 2023 or anyone just looking to improve their overall fitness and performance, and is appropriate for all abilities.

The cost of the series is $60/class and includes membership to the Virtual Foundry and Normatec Compression sleeves sessions.