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After running my 3rd marathon, I needed some serious help. I spoke to tons of people I knew from various running groups, and they all said the same thing - go to Finish Line. I'm feeling fantastic and more ready than ever.

Ben W. Finish Line patient

Everyone around the place is in a general good mood — none of that grumpy New York customer service crap. They all seem to be athletes too. They worked with my insurance as well to get the price reasonable.

Vincent D. Finish Line patient

Finish line is awesome. They were super helpful identifying the issue (IT band tightness), and working with me with deep tissue massages, foam rollers, and strength building exercise to get me back up and running quickly.

Jonathan W. Finish Line patient

I truly believe these people know what they're talking about! There's no judgment in talking about your mileage or pace. From serious athletes to weekend warriors, you can get fixed at Finish Line!

Dos T. Finish Line patient
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