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Computrainer-based cycling moves into the "corner office" at FLPT.

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September 19th, 2012

Tailwind Endurance to Offer Classes

We are excited to announce that Tailwind Endurance is now occupying the “corner office” at Finish Line Physical Therapy! Tailwind was created by Earl Walton who, as a part of TriLife and Team in Training, has coached triathletes in New York City and beyond reach goals from a first triathlon to qualifying for World Championship events. Tailwind brings together all of the tools that “I’ve ever wanted” to make the training engaging, efficient and effective.

Starting with Computrainer-based cycling, we will provide training and courses that will have a direct physiological effect on your body. The Computrainer allows each athlete to dial into their personal training zones and produce the right work at the right time.

Register for classes.

    Top 10 Reasons to Ride a Computrainer*:

  • 10 — Traffic lights. In the park, on the way to the park, on 9w… and they are all red!
  • 9 — Dogs on a leash / dogs off a leash.
  • 8 — You can ride the Athens 2004 Olympic distance triathlon course or the Ironman Hawaii bike course or the NYC Triathlon course or… or… or… the possibilities are endless.
  • 7 — A seasoned coach will lead every class, discuss your training, review your position, and provide precise and specific feedback to your cycling (without running off the road).
  • 6 — It’s fun. Really. You and 15 of your closest friends can get in, get worked, and get out.
  • 5 — Real feel of 16 degrees.
  • 4 — Computrainer software will allow us to test your cycling abilities, create appropriate wattage-based training zones and train you efficiently to be a better cyclist.
  • 3 — No junk miles. Store your bike here.
  • 2 — Once again, tickets are being issued to cyclists in Central Park.
  • 1 — You will become a better cyclist. Period.

*A computrainer is an indoor bike trainer that allows you to ride your bike indoors while tracking wattage, heart rate, and cadence data. The computer-based program will track progress, create engaging courses, and allow for an efficient and effective ride every time.

Have questions? Want to know more about what all of this is about? Just ask! Earl is your man. He’s been a triathlon coach in New York City for the past 10 years and is happy to talk.

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