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PT from the comfort of your own home!

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April 9th, 2020

An Introduction to Virtual Physical Therapy

What is Virtual Physical Therapy or VPT?

Virtual Physical Therapy is a type of telehealth service, simply meaning, the use of technology to support and promote remote healthcare services.

Aka: we are able to perform PT assessments, follow-ups, prehab, rehabilitation, etc all through virtual video sessions from the comfort of your own home.


Why we are excited about VPT

Finish Line Physical Therapy was built on community. Closing our clinic doors was a difficult decision, but a necessary one to keep our patients, staff, and community healthy and safe. We are excited about VPT because it allows us to continue to connect with you, to keep you moving towards your goals, and to keep our incredible running community strong.

We have also enjoyed meeting our patient’s pets on camera!


What does a Finish Line Physical Therapy Telehealth Look Like?

We are keeping things consistent. Your VPT session will run 45-minutes one-on-one with a Doctor of Physical Therapy. Sessions are held through a video platform where you can see your PT and they can see you perform your movements and exercises.


How will the sessions be structured?

As always, we structure our sessions based on the needs of our patients. Here is an example of what a follow-up session with your PT could look like:

  • Discussion of your goals
  • Mobility drills
  • Stretches
  • Strength Program
  • Conclude with goals for the next few days/week and what your daily activities/routine looks like
  • Emailed summary of the session as well as Home Exercise Program and recommendations for you to implement prior to the next session


What do I use for equipment?

Whatever you have! VPT allows us to get creative with weights and equipment. We work with whatever you have at your disposal, in your apartment and cater our programming and training around that.


Fun Options: canned goods, laundry detergent, your dog or cat (they always want to be included!) and dare we say, wine bottles!

(cleaning products work great!)

Who would benefit from VPT?

Anyone with a computer or smart phone! The beauty of virtual physical therapy is that you can hold a session from anywhere! With a decrease in commuting and an increase in working from home we have found people are not only staying consistent with their training but even increasing their mileage. This means you should be staying on top of your mobility and self-maintenance practices, strength training etc, to keep you healthy. 


With races canceled this is also a great time to take care of that lingering calf pain or pesky achilles tendonitis. Take advantage of this time, get yourself up to full recovery and optimal performance!

(from an iPhone!)

Looking for more information?

Let’s connect! If you have more questions about VPT or to schedule a session please email us at

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